DRI Special Website on ATV ROPS and CPD Research

The purpose of this website is to publish recent DRI reports related to research on Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS) and Crush Protective Devices (CPDs) proposed for use on All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

Currently this contains eight reports:

  • Results of an updated evaluation of the Quadbar (CPD) with methodology updates, extensions and refinements taking into account all known, valid comments on prior research,
  • Replies to comments on the previous DRI research by Lower (2011) based on the findings of John Lambert, Shane Richardson and Geoff McDonald,
  • Comments on the Monash/ISCRR report by Wordley and Field (Feb 2012) which was a literature review of research in this field,
  • Report on the measurement of "rider active" effects on ATV performance,
  • Comments on the updated Monash/ISCRR report by Wordley (Nov 2012),
  • Full-scale dynamic overturn tests of an ATV with and without a "Quadbar" CPD using an injury-monitoring dummy.
  • Comments on UNSW Traffic and Road Safety (TARS) "Final project summary report: Quad Bike Performance Project test results, conclusions, and recommendations" (Jan 2015)
  • Review of SEA reports "ATV Rollover Tests and Verification of a Physical Rollover Simulator" (Apr 2019) and "Rollover Tests of ATVs Outfitted with Occupant Protection Devices (OPDs)" (Oct 2019)